Valeria M Viademonte
BNutr, MNutrDiet, APD, AN

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Bella Vista

t: 02 9144 6975
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Your Personalised Services

Food Answers offers a variety of services for your personalised nutrition needs. Specialised support and solutions are provided through Private Consultations, Residential Aged Care Services and Specialised Talks.

Your healthy lifestyle solutions are designed by Valeria M Viademonte, an expert Accredited Practising Dietitian Accredited Nutritionist and Member of the Dietitians Association of Australia, who is happy to assist you with your health management for life.

Private Consultations

Food Answers can offer you individual consultations, couple consultations or family consultations in various locations around Sydney. Click here for our locations in Sydney.

Residential Aged Care Services

Food Answers understands the importance for residents of aged care facilities to be provided with professional nutrition and dietetic services. For this reason, Food Answers offers consultancy services to a variety of nursing homes and hostels around Sydney. Click here for information on our services in aged care.

Specialised Talks

Food Answers can arrange motivational talks on health and nutrition related areas in a number of group settings including in the corporate environment, at sport and recreational facilities and at community centres. Click for more examples of our specialised talks.

Food Answers respects your confidentiality and you can be rest assured that the DAA Code of Professional Conduct is followed at all times.

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